How Chargen is different is a little different to most writing experiences. It's still, very very much in development, so things are in places where you might not ordinarily expect them to be, and some things aren't there at all.

I've configured everything to support multiple blogs per user. As this is a themed instance, some people may want to have more than one blog. Your first blog uses your username by default, but each author can create up to 5.

For example, I'm interested in personal finance and investing, but by putting any thoughts into a separate blog, I can spare my less interested readers the boredom that comes with such a thing.

You might also notice the lack of image upload function. This is deliberate. If you want to use images, I'd suggest using something your own hosting or something like PixelFed. It's all markdown here, and easy to export too.

When you first hit publish, instead of going to your blog the post goes to drafts. You can then move it to a blog. This prevents you from accidentally publishing something you don't. Your account is also private by default. It can be made public in the settings.