Privacy Policy

Last updated February 10, 2019 is an experiment in an open web. This page outlines the privacy policy for the site, and lets you know your rights.

The short story is that we never share your data, and we minimize what we know about you. The information we do collect may be needed for a moment, but we permanently delete it as soon as it's no longer needed.

What we don't collect

If you sign up to post using, you're not asked for your real name, date of birth, home address, or anything like that. It's none of our business, it doesn't provide any value for you, and it diminishes the protection we can give you.

We don't use cookies to store your posts in the browser. The credentials to edit and delete posts are stored with a browser technology called “local storage” which, unlike cookies, collectively never touches our servers.

What we collect

We aim to protect free expression on our platform by collecting as little user data as possible, and encouraging our users to use the protective technologies available to them, like a VPN.

There are no third-party services that might put cookies in your browser. However, it's possible that when accessing posts, authors may embed images from external hosts that set or use cookies.

Account Data

We ask you to provide a password and/or email address when you create an account with us, so that you can log into your account again in the future. Your email address is optionally stored for account recovery and notification purposes.

We protect your personally identifying information with encryption. Passwords are salted and hashed, and identifying information, like your email address is encrypted.

As an author, you may export your data at any time. If you would like to exercise your right to be forgotten and delete any data, please contact Steve using the details at the end of this page.

Log Files

Log files, or data about what happens on our servers are stored on this server, and on a limited backup system. This helps prevent abuse and ensure no one is accessing our servers that shouldn't be.

The system temporarily stores information about what IP address connected when. This data is accessed exclusively by our system administrators and developers as needed.

If you email or otherwise contact us, we may retain information you'd find in an email, like first and last name, email address, and any online handles. This data is used for the purposes of our interaction and to provide a record of such interaction.

Visitor Statistics

Although access and error data is logged, including IP address, we do not use detailed analytics. If this changes in the future, this policy will be updated. The logs are occasionally analysed to detect errors and obtain information about traffic sources at a more general level. This is to help protect the site, and content hosted on it from abuse. does store some generic information about the number of views each post has. This is directly accessible by the post author only. System admins also have access to this information by directly interrogating the server hosting this site.

What we share

We will never share your data for advertising, marketing, or world domination purposes. We will never change our stance on this.

We will comply with lawful orders for the small amount of personal data we have on our users, but we (and our lawyers) will critically review every request we get, and promise to reject requests with insufficient legal backing.

No warrant canary is needed. In the event of a secret order being enforced, this site will shut down without notice at the first practical opportunity.


The privacy page contains the date of last update. While we make endeavours to inform people that our policy has changed, it's not necessarily going to reach everyone.


If you have any questions, please send them to Steve. This site is not part of Raw Hex, but that email address is the best way to reach him regarding